Frequently Asked Questions

Your data is secured in transit with 2048 bit SSL certificates and at rest on highly available and secure datacenter storage with AES-265 bit encryption.
Data is encrypted on your device before it is send over the internet and saved encrypted on datacenter storage.
Your data is protected by best of class security features provided by AWS and Google.

mycontracts(tm) adapts to your needs, from business processes to personal preferences.
Company or department wide policies can be implemented while optional form fields or workflows depend on each individual case.
You are in control of where, when and how much controls are applied.

For example, categories, document types and form fields are freely configurable.

Yes you can !

mycontracts offers an open API and which helps you to integrate it into your environment.

mycontracts(tm) has been specifically designed to be easy to used by the whole company, including clients and vendors.

The configured automated workflows are optimised with the user in mind, to minimise the amount of clicks, data is automatically prefilled where possible.

Absolutely !

mycontracts actively stores your files on highly available cloud storage in your region.

Optionally, your files can be transparently transferred to long-term archives suitable for permanent archives and backups.