Property & Asset Management

Property & Asset Management

Property and Asset Managers are required to deal with a range of contracts and documents, including land sale contracts, leases, service and maintenance contracts, utility contracts, insurance policies, permits and authorisations.

Property and Asset Managers must be aware of all critical terms, dates and timeframes and must be able to access this information instantly.

For example, Property and Asset Managers need to be alert to:

  • cooling-off periods, condition precedent dates and settlement dates
  • lease expiry dates and option exercise dates
  • rent review dates (CPI, fixed, market)
  • timeframes for redecoration and make-good obligations
  • scheduled maintenance periods
  • lease and licence expiry dates

mycontracts™ provides easy access to key information to enable the monitoring of critical dates and timeframes. It can be tailored to a project or site-specific basis, and can instantly generate property summary reports.