Government Funded Organisations

Government Funded organisations

Contracts and documents typical to Government Funded organisations (for example entities in the Not-For-Profit sector) include:

  • Funding Agreements, Financial Statements and Annual Information Statement
  • Strategic plans and program plans
  • Annual reports and donor reports
  • Governing Documents (e.g. Charter, Object and Constitution)
  • Operating policies and procedures
  • Memoranda of Understanding
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Reports
  • Corporate Governance

Registered & Vocational Training entities require management of compliance issues, contracts and documents involving:

Mismanagement of key obligations can have serious consequences. Significant time, financial penalties and opportunity costs can be incurred when entities are not compliant or ‘audit-ready’.

mycontracts™ can assist Government Regulated and funded organisations, such as Not-For-Profit organisations and Registered & Vocational Training entities which operate in highly regulated environments, with management of their contracts, documents, audit trail, compliance and ‘real-time’ contract requirements.