Hospitality & Gaming

Hospitality & Gaming

Contracts, documents & requirements typical to the Hospitality & Gaming sector include:

  • Gaming and Licensing Permits
  • Liquor Licensing Permits & Compliance
  • Employment & Industrial Instruments
  • Council Regulatory Compliance
  • ACNC / NFP Compliance
  • Leasing and sub-leasing
  • Supply & Services agreements
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Insurance & Workcover
  • Employee agreements

Audit & Risk protocols necessitate the implementation of centralised contracts & document systems (especially for Boards Members & Senior Management of NFPs).

Proper contract management should provide a complete record of all current licences, permits, reporting requirements, including any key terms and conditions attached.

mycontracts™ enables users to set and monitor renewal and expiry dates and instantly generates summary reports of all critical terms and conditions.